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Glass furniture manufacturing


Glass furniture is manufactured directly at the plant. As soon as design and all drawings of specialists are approved, we start the manufacture of the glass furniture: beautiful glass vases, magnificent tables, etc.



Glass plate Set

Design: Tisaje

The original plate Set has been created for serving special dishes. Practicality and originality of ... Read more......

Glass log holder Stips

Design: Tisaje

Curved glass log holder Stips is a non-standard view of the classical fireplace accessory. Creative ... Read more......

Glass vase

Design: Sergey Machno

Glass vase is a masterpiece from a famous designer Sergey Makhno. Unusual design concept and simplic... Read more......

Glass tray Ramus

Design: Sergey Machno

The original tray made ​​from a sketch by designer Sergey Makhno.... Read more......

Glass embedded into the interior is like a little miracle. Elegance of lines and ephemerality of forms in glass furniture make unforgettable impression. Glass accessories complete perfectly the interior of any size, they will help to create a holistic view of the room. Glass item can become a totem of the room, its central element or otherwise, its additional element attracting attention to the most significant element. Every glass accessory of Tisaje was created in the brilliant imagination of the designer and was turned into reality. It is so illusory that you can doubt in its reality at first glance. Glass as well as mirrors makes any room lighter and more spacious. Sunlight is refracted by the glass accessories reflecting rainbows and sunbeams.  Curved glass is light and at the same time wild material that can store languishing passion. Depending on the conceptual solution glass furniture can burn with cold fire or fill the room with warm and soft light. Custom-made glass furniture will add a unique note to the whole symphony of your interior.