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Glass furniture manufacturing


Glass furniture is manufactured directly at the plant. As soon as design and all drawings of specialists are approved, we start the manufacture of the glass furniture: beautiful glass vases, magnificent tables, etc.


Log holders

Glass log holder Stips

Design: Tisaje

Curved glass log holder Stips is a non-standard view of the classical fireplace accessory. Creative ... Read more......

Glass log holders is a very unusual solution. As a rule, fireplace is the heart of the room and the оbject of admiration. A glass log holder full of wood will only draw attention to the sophisticated design of the fireplace. Transparent, monolithic log holders with clear forms will integrate with any interior. A glass log holder is so simple and capacious, that this piece of interior becomes very practical. Volume of a glass log holder is big enough to store wood for making fire several times. Solid sidewalls prevent wood chips and pieces of bark from falling on the floor. All wood trash will be accumulated on the bottom of a log holder, not on the floor. Log holders are made of heat-resistant glass and burning wood chip from the fireplace will not damage the surface of this item. Glass surface of a log holder reflects the light from the fireplace and so creates a comfortable and a little bit mysterious atmosphere in the room. Tisaje plant offers custom-made glass furniture. We can manufacture a glass log holder or any other glass article of the style and size you want. Designers will create the unique item that will satisfy your requirements. Moreover, you can purchase glass furniture from our collection and present it to your family or friends.