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Glass furniture manufacturing


Glass furniture is manufactured directly at the plant. As soon as design and all drawings of specialists are approved, we start the manufacture of the glass furniture: beautiful glass vases, magnificent tables, etc.



Glass plate Set

Design: Tisaje

The original plate Set has been created for serving special dishes. Practicality and originality of ... Read more......

Glass plates are often used for interior decoration. Decorative plates are considered to be perfect souvenirs and can be given as elite gifts.
Exclusive plates made of curved glass draw our attention by their unexpected shapes. Shapes of such plates can be so different from our understanding of these things, that you have doubts about the stability of matter in such curved glass furniture.
How can you describe the shape of the sea? What is the shape of wind or sun light?  Glass is the only material that can help you to describe these shapes. High purity of curved lines, their transparency and the illusory effect are the characteristics that make it possible to form a wave, wind gust, splashes and many other things using glass. It is impossible to make them from other materials.
And what about a play of light in the glass furniture? It is the movement inside the form, it is a particular life in the curved glass. Light sparkles differently every time!
You can be proud of such extraordinary plate and you will enjoy showing it to your guests. So decorative glass places are so precious.