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Glass furniture manufacturing


Glass furniture is manufactured directly at the plant. As soon as design and all drawings of specialists are approved, we start the manufacture of the glass furniture: beautiful glass vases, magnificent tables, etc.



Glass vase

Design: Sergey Machno

Glass vase is a masterpiece from a famous designer Sergey Makhno. Unusual design concept and simplic... Read more......

Glass vase can be easily presented as an exclusive gift. Tisaje glass vases surprise by their extraordinary and unpredictable design solutions. Glass furniture manufacture is the work for real artists. Everything starts with the idea that is an impression, which must be brought to life.  In case of glass, we mean the creation of materialized view. The process of glass furniture manufacturing is unforgettable by itself. Fire makes sand turn into glass which is liquid as water and red-hot as the sun. Then the glass is cooled by airflow and keeps the shape given by the creator forever. The apparent fragility as well as playful and ironic lines of glass vase win the visitor's heart at once. In fact, a glass vase is strong and durable, the illusion is created by the shape of the glass vase and the material makes it stronger. Purchasing a transparent glass vase with diffuse edges or sharp lines cutting the space means making an exclusive purchase with character. Glass vases will be perfect addition to any interior. Tisaje plant offers ready-to-use glass vases.