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Glass furniture manufacturing


Glass furniture is manufactured directly at the plant. As soon as design and all drawings of specialists are approved, we start the manufacture of the glass furniture: beautiful glass vases, magnificent tables, etc.


Office table

Glass office table Fialam

Design: Sergey Machno

Unique glass table is created by a famous Ukrainian designer Sergey Makhno. This designer’s item t... Read more......

Glass table Vivo

Design: Tisaje

Glass table Vivo consists of table and glass flowerpots. ... Read more......

Glass table Mat

Design: Sergey Machno

This is the original table with a ceramic hob. The table is made by the famous designer Sergey Makh... Read more......

 Original  glass office table that reflects the owner’s status and company level aims at greeting visitors. The first impression is remarkable and it will be great if it meets your expectations. Curved glass office table can be made in almost any style to impress a newcomer. Glass office table – see a sample of premium class furniture.

Individual curved glass furniture is full of light, space, ideal lines and solemnity. Glass table for officeis an item with character, on which you can always see a play of light and shadow. Glints will wander the ideal table surface all day, transforming and disappearing in the depth of exquisite shapes of the item. Ideal silhouette of table has the ability to charm even the most demanding customer. Elite glass furniture is a challenge to traditions and it will focus you on a new wave in your business. Tisaje plant offers to purchase a ready-to-use glass tables and custom-made glass furniture.

Glass chess table is an elite present. Designer’s glass furniture is quintessence of sophisticated style. Laconism of chess tables totally corresponds to the nature of the game. The central element of a glass table is a chessboard that concentrates the attention of players. Other elements melt in the air emphasizing the significance of the main element. In spite of the visible stiffness and strictness of the item, pure contours of chess tables soften the look of it. Every element of a chess table contains the designer’s idea with its perfection. Accuracy of details proves the highest quality of the item. The simple elegance of the chess table will fit easily any interior.

Such glass chess table emphasizes your passion for this game. Only a true fan of this intellectual game will purchase a designer’s chess table to enjoy both the game and atmosphere. No doubt, a glass chess table is a luxury gift for a chess fan.